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Cabinet Specification

The bespoke nature of our manufacturing enables you to select from our range of specialist materials to fit within any budget. Whichever material you chose, you can be assured that the quality and aesthetics of your cabinetry will be second to none.

cabinet specification

4. Plinth

7. End Panel

2. Cornice

6. Corner Post

5. Angled Pelmet

1. Angled Filler/Filler Piece

3. Tall End Panel


Angled Filler/Filler Piece

Enabling easy access to the door at the end of cabinet runs that meet a wall, filler pieces are available at a standard height, with a choice of widths from 30mm to suit your needs (hint: don’t forget to include these in your measurements!).



If included in your design, the cornice is the trim that sits at the top of a wall unit. You can use an angled pelmet here instead or leave the top of the cabinet exposed.


Tall End Panel

Our end panels can be manufactured to your exact specification size to finish off your kitchen.



Plinths perfectly complete a kitchen and are available in all the cabinet and door finishes we offer to ensure they fully match the style.


Angled Pelmet

If required, the pelmet is the trim that fits onto the bottom of the wall units and complements the fronts to finish the kitchen (hint: you can also use a panel or alternatively leave exposed).


Corner Post

These are used to create a seamless join between two cabinets that meet at a corner. The angled shape of our corner post allows for easy scribing and securing to your cabinets where you are not using a blind corner cabinet.


End panels

End panels are fixed to the end of a run of cabinets to complete the look of a kitchen. These are available in the cabinet and door finishes we offer to fit with your design.

Slab doors and drawer fronts offer a huge amount of versatility to your kitchen, as they can work in any setting regardless of style.
Shaker doors are beautifully simple and historically revered as an exquisite modest furnishing
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