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cabinet construction

We push the limits of material tolerance to build truly incredibly constructed doors.

We manufacture all of our components by computer to ensure our doors have the best possible start in the manufacturing process. However, because wood is a natural material, every door is unique in terms of grain, density, texture and form. It's what makes working with wood so rewarding.

To get the best final result, all of our doors and drawers are finished by hand. This kind of attention to detail is something were incredibly proud of.

kitchen cabinet doors

Cabinet Doors

Our shaker doors are so strong and durable because of the materials used throughout. Solid hardwood frames made from oak or walnut gives our doors an incredibly rigid structure. Our shaker doors are of traditional five-piece mortise and tenon construction, at a 22mm thickness; meaning it feels like a proper door should.

When your in-frame doors are hung on butt hinges, the rigidity means the door should last hundreds of thousands of openings without coming loose or dropping.

Our slab doors are similarly strong. Made rigidly to avoid movement and warping in the way a completely solid door would. With choices of beautiful oak and walnut veneers, our slab doors look amazing whether left exposed or painted.

Drawer Fronts

Our drawer fronts are made using the same material and construction method as our doors. We ensure when you transform your kitchen, there's no need to compromise. The same quality of material and craftsmanship can be found in any Naked Doors component.

slab drawer fronts
oak drawer box

Drawer Boxes

Our drawer boxes are crafted from the finest Appalachian White Oak or Black Walnut. You can instantly see the craftsmanship that goes in to our drawer boxes from the beautiful sanded finish to the precisely cut dovetail joins. As soon as you put one our drawer boxes in your kitchen it truly is transformed.


We cover both sides of our bespoke doors in either oak or walnut for a result that's incredibly beautiful. This method encompasses our philosophy of using material that is both beautiful and durable.

walnut veneer
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