Colour Comes Back To The Kitchen

Living in today’s society, it is clear that people want to be unique. Whether that’s the way they dress, the items they buy or the way they style their home.

With Naked Doors that’s one thing you can be. Entirely Unique. Our Doors are made to order and you can choose from many of our door options to be painted in any colour scheme you want. Whether it is a Beautiful Bold Blue, a Timeless Grey or an Earthy Olive Green, Naked Doors can create whatever image you have in mind for your kitchen.

Colour is something that is re-emerging in Kitchens. Everything was once a shade of White, then there was the emergence of Grey with its soft and mellow tones, and now there is a revival of colour in the Kitchen. Think Kingfisher Blues, Forest Greens, Bruised Plums and Blushing Pinks, colour is making a massive comeback in the Kitchen and everyone is loving it!

Our recent project with Kia Designs demonstrates how you can inject beautiful deep purples and elegant blues into the kitchen to create a sophisticated and relaxing vibe, creating a kitchen that is entirely bespoke to the customer.

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