Exclusive Naked Doors Colours

One thing in particular that we are really good at here at Naked Doors is creating beautiful bespoke fronts that can be painted in any colour of your choice. Our incredible spray line technology provides such a beautiful finish that has a 15% sheen, and uses technology that coats the fronts and leaves an incredibly hard-wearing finish.

We manufacture around 25,000 doors a year and so you can imagine that we have seen a lot of different colours pass through our workshop. From the most incredibly bright jewel like colours to the lightest pastels and the richest, most intense colours of the spectrum. However, despite seeing so many colours over the past two years, we’ve very quickly learnt what colours are the most popular with our customers. Based more on a neutral palette of colours, we decided to create our very own custom Naked Doors colours to offer to our customers.

Ranging from beautiful deep blues, intense greens and classic greys, there are 12 colours in to choose from in our new range, as well as the option to still have your own custom colour choice. We know that there are just so many colours out there that are so similar and it can be very overwhelming to have to choose from so many, so we wanted to make it easier for our customers. By tailoring our range to have the most popular colours it reduces the overwhelming choice and actually helps you to ensure you have made the right decision. We didn’t want to remove the choice of a custom colour completely, as we know there are some customers who like to have this choice and may want a colour that is completely different to what we offer.

We’ve actually got a lot of examples we can show you of the beautiful colours on kitchens that we have created- both through Naked Doors and Naked Kitchens. A beautiful array of blues and greys, these kitchens are calming and have an incredible coastal feel to them- perfect for the properties they are situated in.

The colours are all named after beautiful things we see in Norfolk that inspire us daily. The natural colours that originate from these beautiful things are incredible, and it inspired us to create a range of bespoke colours for people to bring this natural beauty into their homes. Check out our product pages to see more of our beautiful colours: Blakeney Channel, Samphire, Flint, Night Sky, Seal Pup White, Shingle, Holkham Frost, Oyster Catcher, Marsh Green, Brancaster Blue, Baked Cley, Burnham Green.

Mandarin Stone Collaboration

Our Ladbroke door style is one that has gained a lot of attention since we first released it. With a circular cut out handle that is not only easy to use; but also adds such an interesting eye-catching element to your kitchen, it’s not hard to see why it’s become such a popular choice. With the option of different backing materials and colours, the Ladbroke is a versatile option that adds a contemporary twist to every front. We love to see how clients create different looks using this handle style; including the sleek front with a matching handle backing or the more statement look with a different handle backing such as a bright colour or metallic finish. Exposed timber fronts are definitely a very popular option right now, and we’re absolutely loving seeing the natural beauty of the timber shine.

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No.8 Projects

As Naked Doors is a supply only manufacturer, we don’t often get to see the finished kitchen of many of our projects. When customers do send in photos of their finished kitchens, we always get so excited to see our doors in situ. We love to see how our customers have used the doors within their own home, and we often get a lot of inspiration for future projects from this!

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The Albert Bridge Kitchen

Here at Naked Doors we’ve been rapidly expanding our portfolio of products and kitchen designs that we have created. Most recently, we’ve been focusing on increasing our range of Naked Doors on display within our showroom. We’re always experimenting with colours and styles, and we wanted to demonstrate what incredible kitchens we can create.

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The Tower Bridge Kitchen

The Tower Bridge Kitchen is the latest project to be created under the Naked Doors brand. With incredible colours inspired by the stunning Tower Bridge in London, this design shows how you can use Naked Doors to create a beautiful trend led kitchen.

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Naked Doors Aren’t Just for the Kitchen…

Naked Doors is primarily known for creating bespoke replacement doors for kitchen cabinets. Available in a plethora of different finishes and styles, meaning you can create your dream kitchen without even needing to fully renovate. But Naked Doors don’t just manufacture replacement kitchen doors, as we can create bespoke doors to be used in any area of your house!

As our doors are all manufactured in completely bespoke sizes unique to each customer, there really is no limit as to what we can create to upgrade your home. Whether its large wardrobe doors, a new cabinet front in your living room or a utility room to match your new kitchen, we can create a designer look and feel in any room of your house.

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Colour In Your Kitchen

When upgrading your kitchen, one of the first things you’re likely to know you want to change; is the colour scheme. It can be difficult to know what colours you want to use, and there is always the risk of picking a colour that you won’t even like in the next few years. This post is dedicated to what we think the popular colour trends of 2018 will be!

With the colour experts Dulux and Pantone announcing their chosen colours of the year, Heartwood and Ultra Violet, it is very clear that purple will be a big trend throughout 2018. A colour associated with wealth and creativity; purple is set to be very big in interiors, and its very likely we will see it being used in kitchens in the next year, whether used as a subtle accent colour, or going all out bold and as a colour for the whole kitchen.

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Create Your Dream Kitchen With Naked Doors

Here at Naked Doors, we offer so many different door and drawer front styles, that you will simply be spoilt for choice. Our product is often the only option for people with a lower budget to get the designer kitchen they have dreamed of having for so long, so we want to have enough different style choices to ensure that people can create the kitchen they have always wanted. This blog post is a round up of just a few of our favourite door styles that we offer, with some images and recommendations to show you just how beautiful they can look in a kitchen.

First up in the list is the Painted Shaker Door. A timeless, classic door style that has been given a modern update with the option to be painted in colour of your choice. With a raised frame around a central panel, this door style is one that has been seen in kitchen designs for centuries. By choosing the painted option for this door style means that you can have a kitchen style that will never date, and that doesn’t feel old fashioned in any way. We love how the shaker door can also be used as a frameless kitchen front, which means the door sits on top of the cabinet carcass, and looks beautifully contemporary but still retains its timeless appeal. We recommend adding a cool handle to this door style to ensure it really stands out, like the leather handles added to the Brixton Kitchen below.

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Bespoke Kitchens Without The Price Tag

The one thing we decided when we started Naked Doors, was that we wanted to offer the option of a bespoke kitchen for people on a tighter budget. Many customers are now working on projects with a much smaller budget and the luxury of having a fully bespoke, designer kitchen is no longer a viable option for many people. People are looking for different ways to update their kitchen without a full renovation and often at a much lower price point. We wanted to offer an alternative to the high street retailers, who offer lower quality products and only in standard sizes. Naked Doors offers the chance to get the look of a designer bespoke Naked Kitchen and on a much lower budget.

The quality of our cabinet doors is unlike any other you’ll ever find in the industry. When purchasing doors from many companies on the market, you may think that you’re purchasing replacement doors that are going to last for many years. However, the majority of the time you’re actually purchasing doors that are worse quality than your current cabinet doors!

With Naked Doors however, we offer the most incredible quality solid doors that are unlike anything else on the market! Additionally, we are a completely bespoke company. Everything we make for our customers is bespoke, and unique to their measurements. We can create doors to fit any size cabinet and any brand!

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Putting Life Back Into Your Kitchen

Here at Naked Doors, we’re all about creating cost-effective solutions to make your kitchen look like you’ve always dreamed, without actually ripping it out and starting again.
As we manufacture bespoke replacement cabinet doors and drawer fronts, we believe that there are many options you can choose from to upgrade your kitchen, without having to fully renovate. Whilst upgrading your kitchen is important, alongside this you also need to make this a room that you want to spend time in and that is comfortable for all of the family.

IKEA Hacking 
Got an old tired IKEA kitchen that you absolutely hate the look of? We’ve created a range of doors that are compatible with the IKEA Metod range, so that you can have the look of a designer kitchen, with IKEA carcasses remaining underneath! An incredibly clever hack as not only does it make IKEA furniture look almost as if it was never from IKEA, but it’s also a brilliant way to update your kitchen with the least hassle and minimum cost possible!
Rhombus Front
Door Style
With our replacement doors and drawer fronts, we also have certain suggestions we can make to help you choose the best style for your room. If you have a small, compact kitchen that doesn’t get much natural light, we would generally recommend a slab door style, as it reflects light beautifully and makes a room feel very open and spacious, whilst still being very contemporary.
Choosing a shaker style door will provide you with a very chic kitchen that is going to look timeless forever, but as both styles are so incredibly beautiful, they will work in any space!
Photography- Megan Taylor, Design- 2LGS

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