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How It Works

Ordering from Naked Doors is as simple as choosing a style putting in your measurements and placing an order. To help get you started, here are some tips on how to accurately measure your kitchen.

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How To measure your kitchen

Measuring your old doors

If you are replacing your existing doors, drawer fronts or end panels then ensure to measure just the front's and not the cabinets.

Start by making a list of every door you need to replace to making sure not to forget any and measure each individually.

Our Drawer boxes come in any width and set intervals for height and depth. This is to ensure the drawer runners will fit correctly and to determine the quantity of dove-tail joins needed in the drawer box.

So when measuring an existing drawer box, remember to take in to account the room needed for drawer runners at each side as per the instructions on the drawer box product page and choose a height that will fit comfortably in the cabinet carcass.

For accuracy we recommend you measure everything in millimetres as this is how you will order your doors.

If you would like us to drill holes in your doors ready for the hinges, you will need to measure from the top of the door the centre of the desired hole location for the top hinge and from the bottom of the door to the centre of the desired hole location for the bottom hinge. Larger doors may require 3 or even 4 hinges, so measure accordingly and follow the instructions on the product page.

Measuring your cabinets for new doors

If you have a new kitchen ready for new doors, you will need to use the dimensions of the cabinet carcass to determine the correct sizes;

In-frame doors

For doors that sit inside the frame of your cabinet carcass, always measure the internal dimensions. You need to remember that the doors will be slightly smaller than the cabinets. Your doors would usually be 4mm narrower and 5mm shorter than the internal dimensions of the carcass.

Frameless / overlay doors

If you want your doors to sit on top of the carcass, covering it, then you will need to measure the external dimensions of the cabinet carcass. You will need to ensure your door will cover the entire cabinet front in order to completely hide the frame underneath, whilst also making sure your doors are not too close together, stopping them from opening freely.