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Here at Naked Doors, we are always trying to find new ways to let people know about the quality and level of expertise that goes into our products. As a company, we’ve only ever used the highest quality timber, and we fully understand how to get the best out of this material, meaning the products we manufacture are of incredible quality. We produce beautiful replacement doors and drawer fronts for any kitchen, finished in any style, and in any size you want.

Design- Nimtim Architecture, Photography- Megan Taylor


Tips and Tricks To Upgrade Your Kitchen

Our sister company Naked Kitchens creates the most beautiful, bespoke kitchens that are of the highest quality and are a true luxurious addition to any home. And whilst we only use transparent pricing, meaning our customers don’t pay more than is necessary for the quality of the kitchens, this option can still sometimes be out of peoples budgets.
And so we decided to create an option for people that still wanted the look of a Naked Kitchen, but without a large majority of the cost. Naked Doors offers you a designer kitchen look, where you supply the carcasses- either existing or new, and we will produce the doors to fit them perfectly. However, there are certain tips and tricks that you can do to upgrade your kitchen for less to make it look more and more like a designer kitchen without spending a lot of money or time.

Painting Walls and Cabinets 
A fresh new colour in the kitchen is one of the easiest ways to instantly transform a room. By painting your walls it creates a whole new colour palette for the room, and gives you a whole realm of possibilities for accessorising. Another option is to paint your cabinets, to create an eye-catching feature for the room. Choosing to paint your walls is possibly the safer option as it is less of a statement and is easier to correct if you decide you do not like the colour. However, if you really do want to make a statement in this room, painting your cabinets and your walls the same colour will do this. It can be a risky move to make, as the wrong colour can make it far too over-powering, but if done in a beautiful rich colour and combined with other materials or colours it can work wonderfully. Colours that we are particularly loving at the moment are all from the earthy colour palette, including rich greens, oranges and reds. They add a luxurious warmth to the kitchen that is so incredibly comfortable and inviting in a room that you want to be the hub of the family life in your home.


Choosing Naked Doors

There are certain things that can often put people off upgrading their kitchen; including time, money and effort. Having to be without a kitchen for a long period of time whilst going through the hassle of ripping out old carcasses, or not having the budget to install a whole new designer kitchen are all reasons why people choose to keep their existing kitchen. But there is a way to upgrade your kitchen and get the look of a designer kitchen without all of the hassle. Choosing to upgrade your existing kitchen with replacement cabinet doors and drawer fronts as opposed to installing a whole new kitchen is one of the easiest ways to do this.

At Naked Doors we offer luxurious bespoke solid hardwood cabinet doors and drawers to upgrade your room and get the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of owning, without the hassle and at a much lower cost than replacing a whole kitchen. In order to ensure the smoothest journey possible when upgrading your kitchen with Naked Doors however, there are a few steps that we recommend you take to help you make your choices and transform your kitchen as quickly as possible.

Measuring your old cabinets:
This is a necessary step, as in order to ensure your new doors and drawers fit your cabinets perfectly, you will need accurate measurements of your cabinet carcasses. As you may not have decided which cabinet door style you want for your kitchen, measuring methods for both styles have been included so that you can be as accurate as possible for both styles when you make your choice.
If you’re choosing an In-frame door you will need the internal measurements of the carcass, as the door will be slightly smaller than the cabinet.
A frameless door will sit on top of the carcass, meaning the external measurements of the cabinet are needed. This is one of the most vital parts of the Naked Doors process, as we make our doors bespoke to your measurements, meaning if they are not accurate, the doors will not fit perfectly.


Beautifully Bespoke

As a company, creating products that are 100% bespoke is something that just came very naturally to us. After years of only being able to purchase kitchens that didn’t really fit your room perfectly, and always seemed like something was missing or not quite right, we decided at our sister company, Naked Kitchens, the only way we would be able to create dream kitchens was to work to the clients measurements completely, and make something that would fit their space perfectly. And this is an ethos that we have carried through into Naked Doors.

We understand that the cabinets you already have in place may not be standard sizes as you’ve had to fill a space that is very unique in sizing, and to ensure that you can get the dream kitchen you’ve always wanted, we manufacture doors and drawer fronts that will fit your cabinets exactly. By offering this service, budget doesn’t ever have to compromise style. We can create a designer kitchen for you without a large amount of the cost if you keep existing cabinet carcasses or install new, lower cost carcasses, and purchase our doors and drawer fronts.


Colour Comes Back To The Kitchen

Living in today’s society, it is clear that people want to be unique. Whether that’s the way they dress, the items they buy or the way they style their home.

With Naked Doors that’s one thing you can be. Entirely Unique. Our Doors are made to order and you can choose from many of our door options to be painted in any colour scheme you want. Whether it is a Beautiful Bold Blue, a Timeless Grey or an Earthy Olive Green, Naked Doors can create whatever image you have in mind for your kitchen.

Colour is something that is re-emerging in Kitchens. Everything was once a shade of White, then there was the emergence of Grey with its soft and mellow tones, and now there is a revival of colour in the Kitchen. Think Kingfisher Blues, Forest Greens, Bruised Plums and Blushing Pinks, colour is making a massive comeback in the Kitchen and everyone is loving it!

Our recent project with Kia Designs demonstrates how you can inject beautiful deep purples and elegant blues into the kitchen to create a sophisticated and relaxing vibe, creating a kitchen that is entirely bespoke to the customer.