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Bespoke Kitchens Without The Price Tag

The one thing we decided when we started Naked Doors, was that we wanted to offer the option of a bespoke kitchen for people on a tighter budget. Many customers are now working on projects with a much smaller budget and the luxury of having a fully bespoke, designer kitchen is no longer a viable option for many people. People are looking for different ways to update their kitchen without a full renovation and often at a much lower price point. We wanted to offer an alternative to the high street retailers, who offer lower quality products and only in standard sizes. Naked Doors offers the chance to get the look of a designer bespoke Naked Kitchen and on a much lower budget. The quality of our cabinet doors is unlike any other you'll ever find in the industry. When purchasing doors from many companies on the market, you may think that you're purchasing replacement doors that are going to last for many years. However, the majority of the time you're actually purchasing doors that are worse quality than your current cabinet doors! With Naked Doors however, we offer the most incredible quality solid doors that are unlike anything else on the market! Additionally, we are a completely bespoke company. Everything we make for our customers is bespoke, and unique to their measurements. We can create doors to fit any size cabinet and any brand! Unlike standard sized doors that other companies offer, our doors are made to fit your kitchen perfectly to ensure that it looks as close to perfection as possible, which will give you that designer look kitchen that you crave. We truly believe that a kitchen should be made to fit perfectly to a room, as this is the only way to make your kitchen have that high-end look. Photography- Megan Taylor, Design- 2LG As we mentioned, there isn't any brand of kitchen cabinet that we won't make a door to fit perfectly on, whether it's a B&Q, Wickes, Howdens or IKEA kitchen or many other brands, as we want our customers to have a beautiful kitchen whatever their carcass may be underneath. We've made it particularly easy for customers to upgrade their IKEA kitchen, as we've created a range of doors and drawer fronts to fit perfectly with the IKEA Metod range. This enables customers to get the look of a designer, bespoke kitchen but keep their existing IKEA kitchen. We've even made these in a list of the exact sizes that fit IKEA carcasses, to ensure that when upgrading your IKEA kitchen, it looks incredible and like a designer kitchen! (Not affiliated with IKEA). One option that we see many customers take is purchasing new IKEA carcasses, and placing our bespoke doors on top. This provides the best of both worlds, as customers get the budget of an IKEA kitchen, but designer, bespoke doors on top, meaning you can have a bespoke kitchen on a budget! Architecture- Prime Architecture With prices starting at £75, we understand that there are cheaper retailers on the market, however, the quality of our products reflects this price. In fact, it's actually incredible value for money with Naked Doors. Our doors are exactly the same that we use on our bespoke kitchens from our sister company Naked Kitchens. They are incredible quality with no chipboard in sight unlike the high-street retailers, and our doors are made to last hundreds of thousands of openings. We offer an ample amount of choice of door styles and a number of different finishes, including a painted finish that is colour matched to any colour of your choice, using an incredibly durable UV cured paint coating. Naked Doors is the clever way to get a designer, bespoke kitchen without renovation! Check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more images and information!
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