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Choosing Naked Doors

There are certain things that can often put people off upgrading their kitchen; including time, money and effort. Having to be without a kitchen for a long period of time whilst going through the hassle of ripping out old carcasses, or not having the budget to install a whole new designer kitchen are all reasons why people choose to keep their existing kitchen. But there is a way to upgrade your kitchen and get the look of a designer kitchen without all of the hassle. Choosing to upgrade your existing kitchen with replacement cabinet doors and drawer fronts as opposed to installing a whole new kitchen is one of the easiest ways to do this. At Naked Doors we offer luxurious bespoke solid hardwood cabinet doors and drawers to upgrade your room and get the kitchen you've always dreamed of owning, without the hassle and at a much lower cost than replacing a whole kitchen. In order to ensure the smoothest journey possible when upgrading your kitchen with Naked Doors however, there are a few steps that we recommend you take to help you make your choices and transform your kitchen as quickly as possible. Measuring your old cabinets: This is a necessary step, as in order to ensure your new doors and drawers fit your cabinets perfectly, you will need accurate measurements of your cabinet carcasses. As you may not have decided which cabinet door style you want for your kitchen, measuring methods for both styles have been included so that you can be as accurate as possible for both styles when you make your choice. If you're choosing an In-frame door you will need the internal measurements of the carcass, as the door will be slightly smaller than the cabinet. A frameless door will sit on top of the carcass, meaning the external measurements of the cabinet are needed. This is one of the most vital parts of the Naked Doors process, as we make our doors bespoke to your measurements, meaning if they are not accurate, the doors will not fit perfectly. Choosing your door style: With Naked Doors comes an abundance of choice- door styles, handle or handle-free, painted or exposed wood, smooth or grain showing- the list goes on. But, the main choice that you really need to make is between slab or shaker doors. A shaker door is a timeless, elegant choice that adds a beautiful sophistication to a kitchen often giving an incredible country kitchen vibe. A slab door offers something slightly more unique, providing a multitude of opportunities to modernise the kitchen, due to its incredible contemporary nature. Alongside choosing whether you want a slab or a shaker door, another choice you need to make is whether you want an exposed timber finish, such as The Chiswick Townhouse below, or a painted finish in any colour of your choice. After you've made this choice is when you can start to get into the finer detail of your order. Handle or No Handle: Now this is really getting into the nitty-gritty detail of your kitchen. By choosing a handle-less kitchen creates a completely different feel to your kitchen. A handle-less door is an incredibly fresh choice, and creates clean lines throughout your kitchen. It is a also a very practical option, as it is easy to clean and also saves you the time of not having to choose a handle. The handle-less design also gives the sense of more space within a kitchen, as there is nothing taking the attention away from the cabinetry. However, this design is not one that will work in every kitchen, as it can add a very modern feeling to a kitchen that may not be the right in many homes. A shaker door with a beautiful metal handle or a contemporary slab door with a unique handle are stunning alternatives to the handle-less design, adding an interesting feature to your kitchen. For more pictures and information please follow our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Page.
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