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Colour In Your Kitchen

When upgrading your kitchen, one of the first things you're likely to know you want to change; is the colour scheme. It can be difficult to know what colours you want to use, and there is always the risk of picking a colour that you won't even like in the next few years. This post is dedicated to what we think the popular colour trends of 2018 will be! With the colour experts Dulux and Pantone announcing their chosen colours of the year, Heartwood and Ultra Violet, it is very clear that purple will be a big trend throughout 2018. A colour associated with wealth and creativity; purple is set to be very big in interiors, and its very likely we will see it being used in kitchens in the next year, whether used as a subtle accent colour, or going all out bold and as a colour for the whole kitchen. Image result for pantone ultraviolet It's very difficult to try and predict strong trends in colours as it's a topic that everyone has very different opinions on. There are many different ideas about what will be popular in 2018 in terms of colour in the kitchen, with some believing that kitchens of one colour will continue to rule the interiors world, and others choosing to mix as many colours and textures in the kitchen as possible. Darker, bolder kitchens are definitely set to be on trend in 2018, with colours like beautiful forest greens, black, navy blues and rich browns all being used as main kitchen colours. Using these colours will create an incredibly intense room, almost enveloping you in rich colour as soon as you enter the room. With these darker colours, a bright metallic accent will look fantastic as they look even more stunning against such a dark backdrop. By having bright metals incorporated into the design, ensures that the room feels bright and open and that there are different elements for the eye to focus on. Photography- Megan Taylor, Architecture- NimTim Architects Using bright colours within the kitchen will be a popular trend in 2018. It's clear from 2017 that people are starting to move away from neutrals in the kitchen, and are getting much bolder with their colour choices. It may be a long time until people fully move away from neutrals, but we are starting to see brighter colours incorporated into peoples designs more and more. People are using islands as their focal point of the room, and finishing them in eye catching bold colours, a very contemporary design feature. This is also a much less risky move, as it is much easier to change the colour of one kitchen element as opposed to a whole room. Photography- Anna Stathaki, Design- Kia Designs Coloured sinks is another trend that we're starting to see pop up more and more in 2018. The usual stainless steel and ceramic sinks will forever be popular as they are incredibly practical, but alternatives are starting to be sought. We've seen some beautiful metallic sinks including copper and brass being used, and we particularly love the look of a marble sink in a kitchen. By updating your sink and your cabinet doors will give you the look of a brand new on-trend, designer kitchen, without any real need for renovation and also keeping costs much lower than if you were installing an entirely new kitchen. Colour trends are constantly changing, and social media's influence has a big part to play in this. Instagram and Pinterest are used as a source of inspiration for so many, and have a big influence on trends, often meaning colours come in and out of fashion much faster than you would expect. But whilst it may seem daunting following these trends, colours are so easy to change regularly, so even if you fall out of love with something much quicker than you planned, you can very easily change it to something you know you'll love even more! Check out our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook page for more images and information about our beautiful bespoke products!
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