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Create Your Dream Kitchen With Naked Doors

Here at Naked Doors, we offer so many different door and drawer front styles, that you will simply be spoilt for choice. Our product is often the only option for people with a lower budget to get the designer kitchen they have dreamed of having for so long, so we want to have enough different style choices to ensure that people can create the kitchen they have always wanted. This blog post is a round up of just a few of our favourite door styles that we offer, with some images and recommendations to show you just how beautiful they can look in a kitchen. First up in the list is the Painted Shaker Door. A timeless, classic door style that has been given a modern update with the option to be painted in colour of your choice. With a raised frame around a central panel, this door style is one that has been seen in kitchen designs for centuries. By choosing the painted option for this door style means that you can have a kitchen style that will never date, and that doesn't feel old fashioned in any way. We love how the shaker door can also be used as a frameless kitchen front, which means the door sits on top of the cabinet carcass, and looks beautifully contemporary but still retains its timeless appeal. We recommend adding a cool handle to this door style to ensure it really stands out, like the leather handles added to the Brixton Kitchen below. Photo Credit- NK Design and Build Next up on our favourites list is the more contemporary of all of our door styles: the Painted Ladbroke Door. The Ladbroke Kitchen is a design that is incredibly popular with our customers, as the circular handle-less detail is so unique and something that is rarely seen in a kitchen. This handle-less detail is both stylish and practical, and as the door is painted, this detail is even more of a stand-out feature. The incredibly cool thing about this door style is that you can also choose to have any colour backing (or simply exposed timber) for the circular cut-out, meaning you can create an eye catching feature with the smallest of kitchen elements. We recommend choosing a rich earthy colour for this door choice with a bright backing colour to really maximise the statement made with this style. By also paring the door style with bright contrasting accessories will also help to make the room seem larger, as seen in the compact Ladbroke Kitchen below. Another of our favourite styles is the Oak White-Wash J-Groove Door. Quite a lot of things going on with this style; this door is actually a contradiction, as this style is not only incredibly contemporary but whitewashing is actually a very traditional timber finishing technique. By using such beautiful timber as Oak, which is such a beautiful and warm timber, it ensures that this finish never feels too cool and stark in a room that is meant to be the hub of the home, and where everyone gathers to socialise together. The handle-less detail on these doors is incredibly practical, and also adds a beautiful sleek feeling to the kitchen.The slab style of these doors beautifully reflects light throughout the room, and even in a large room, helps it to feel open and light. By then combining this with the whitewashing technique, it means that this room feels beautifully bright, without using any bright, bold paint colours. The combination of this white-washing finish with the neutral colouring of cabinets in this kitchen helps to add to the nautical feel of the design, and is perfect for any countryside kitchen. Finally, rounding off our list is the Painted Glazed Cabinet Door. A beautiful choice in any kitchen for those who want to display their prized crockery and glassware, but are worried about it getting damaged in their busy kitchen. The glazing element of the door is a beautiful addition, as not only can you see all of the beautiful items behind, it actually makes the room feel open and bounces light throughout. This is particularly evident when these types of doors are installed onto wall cabinets, as this type of cabinetry especially, often makes a room feel closed off and smaller than it is. We always recommend using this type of door in a room that has minimal natural light as it will help to feel larger and brighter than it really is. To see more of our beautiful kitchen doors, check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page!
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