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Exclusive Naked Doors Colours

One thing in particular that we are really good at here at Naked Doors is creating beautiful bespoke fronts that can be painted in any colour of your choice. Our incredible spray line technology provides such a beautiful finish that has a 15% sheen, and uses technology that coats the fronts and leaves an incredibly hard-wearing finish. We manufacture around 25,000 doors a year and so you can imagine that we have seen a lot of different colours pass through our workshop. From the most incredibly bright jewel like colours to the lightest pastels and the richest, most intense colours of the spectrum. However, despite seeing so many colours over the past two years, we've very quickly learnt what colours are the most popular with our customers. Based more on a neutral palette of colours, we decided to create our very own custom Naked Doors colours to offer to our customers. Ranging from beautiful deep blues, intense greens and classic greys, there are 12 colours in to choose from in our new range, as well as the option to still have your own custom colour choice. We know that there are just so many colours out there that are so similar and it can be very overwhelming to have to choose from so many, so we wanted to make it easier for our customers. By tailoring our range to have the most popular colours it reduces the overwhelming choice and actually helps you to ensure you have made the right decision. We didn't want to remove the choice of a custom colour completely, as we know there are some customers who like to have this choice and may want a colour that is completely different to what we offer. We've actually got a lot of examples we can show you of the beautiful colours on kitchens that we have created- both through Naked Doors and Naked Kitchens. A beautiful array of blues and greys, these kitchens are calming and have an incredible coastal feel to them- perfect for the properties they are situated in. The colours are all named after beautiful things we see in Norfolk that inspire us daily. The natural colours that originate from these beautiful things are incredible, and it inspired us to create a range of bespoke colours for people to bring this natural beauty into their homes. Check out our product pages to see more of our beautiful colours: Blakeney Channel, Samphire, Flint, Night Sky, Seal Pup White, Shingle, Holkham Frost, Oyster Catcher, Marsh Green, Brancaster Blue, Baked Cley, Burnham Green.
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