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Naked Doors Aren't Just for the Kitchen...

Naked Doors is primarily known for creating bespoke replacement doors for kitchen cabinets. Available in a plethora of different finishes and styles, meaning you can create your dream kitchen without even needing to fully renovate. But Naked Doors don't just manufacture replacement kitchen doors, as we can create bespoke doors to be used in any area of your house! As our doors are all manufactured in completely bespoke sizes unique to each customer, there really is no limit as to what we can create to upgrade your home. Whether its large wardrobe doors, a new cabinet front in your living room or a utility room to match your new kitchen, we can create a designer look and feel in any room of your house. Boot Rooms: One example of using our bespoke doors within another area of the house, is the beautiful Boot Room at Cley House. A space that would otherwise be under utilised and probably just full of forgotten items has been transformed into an elegant area. By using Shaker doors for this project it gives an incredibly grand, traditional feeling to the room that is perfectly fitting for the property located on the beautiful Norfolk coast. Whilst Shaker doors are a beautiful option, we can manufacture doors in so many different styles to fit in with your home. Available in a maximum height of 2.4 m, we can create the perfect doors for your cabinets, whatever the style. We love how a Slab door creates a more contemporary look and as we can finish the doors in a painted finish matched to any custom colour of your choice, you can really let your personality shine through in any room in your home! Utility Rooms: As we are linked to our sister company, Naked Kitchens- manufacturer of bespoke kitchens, we often find people will purchase a new bespoke kitchen for their home, but do not have the budget to purchase an entire new utility room to match! Utility rooms are often used much less frequently than the kitchen, meaning the cabinets are likely to be in much better condition and only need changing for aesthetics reasons only. Naked Doors provides the opportunity to create matching, bespoke doors for the utility room cabinets at a much lower cost, without the need to renovate! Bathrooms: Another area of the home in which we are starting to receive a lot of requests about creating doors for is the bathroom. People are looking to update every aspect of their home without having to undergo a full renovation, and the bathroom is no exception to this! Beautiful new fronts can provide a whole new look for the room and are a much easier way to renovate a room with minimal hassle and cost. Check out our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages for more beautiful images and find inspiration on where you'd like to have Naked Doors within your home!
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