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Putting Life Back Into Your Kitchen

Here at Naked Doors, we're all about creating cost-effective solutions to make your kitchen look like you've always dreamed, without actually ripping it out and starting again. As we manufacture bespoke replacement cabinet doors and drawer fronts, we believe that there are many options you can choose from to upgrade your kitchen, without having to fully renovate. Whilst upgrading your kitchen is important, alongside this you also need to make this a room that you want to spend time in and that is comfortable for all of the family. IKEA Hacking  Got an old tired IKEA kitchen that you absolutely hate the look of? We've created a range of doors that are compatible with the IKEA Metod range, so that you can have the look of a designer kitchen, with IKEA carcasses remaining underneath! An incredibly clever hack as not only does it make IKEA furniture look almost as if it was never from IKEA, but it's also a brilliant way to update your kitchen with the least hassle and minimum cost possible! Rhombus Front Door Style With our replacement doors and drawer fronts, we also have certain suggestions we can make to help you choose the best style for your room. If you have a small, compact kitchen that doesn't get much natural light, we would generally recommend a slab door style, as it reflects light beautifully and makes a room feel very open and spacious, whilst still being very contemporary. Choosing a shaker style door will provide you with a very chic kitchen that is going to look timeless forever, but as both styles are so incredibly beautiful, they will work in any space! Photography- Megan Taylor, Design- 2LGS Lighting Lighting is an incredible way to make your kitchen a space that you want to spend your time in. By placing spotlights over preparation areas will make it much easier to cook in the kitchen, and make it seem much less of a chore as you're not straining to see and the room is bright and airy. If you do happen to have a dining table or similar, by installing new lighting above this section of the room will make the environment different and therefore will make you want to stay in the room for even longer as you feel as though you have already retired to another room. A favourite lighting option of ours is pendant lighting, as it makes a grand statement, without being over the top or in your face, and provides just the right amount of light. Appliances Choose appliances that not only help you in your everyday life, but also enhance the appearance of your kitchen. With today's technology options, choosing an appliance that is not only sleek and looks incredible in your house, you can also choose one that is quiet and much less obvious within your kitchen. This will make your kitchen feel less like a busy, working environment, and will help you to relax more in the hub of your home, whilst still being able to complete all of the tasks that you need to. Dining  If your room is large enough, often having somewhere to dine can help you create a room that is multi-functional and not just somewhere to cook and clean. By introducing a dining table enables you to create a very sociable environment in your kitchen, whilst also injecting an eye-catching element that instantly makes the room feel homely and perfect to spend time in. Having an area where you can sit and eat dinner with your family is a small luxury that should be taken full advantage of, as it will really help you to relax and love your kitchen. This is also the perfect opportunity to create the colour scheme of your choice, as laying coloured fabrics or having a table set with particular coloured accessories will brighten up your kitchen. The table photographed below was created by our sister company Norfolk Oak, and was custom made for the owners of this kitchen to create a beautiful area for family dining within this kitchen. De-Clutter De-cluttering is also a very easy way to update your kitchen, making it feel like a much more liveable space, with access to the items that you need without having to search through piles of things you don't need. By not having your surfaces cluttered and having appropriate storage for other items means your room feels much more breathable, and somewhere you will actually want to spend time. We're not suggesting you go so minimalist that you have nothing on display in your kitchen, as this can look quite cold and stark and you'll either hate it, or end up filling it with even more things than before; but you will feel much more zen in a room you can actually move around in! This is also a perfect opportunity for your new replacement doors and drawer fronts to really become the focus of the room. By replacing your cabinet doors and drawers you will have a designer looking kitchen that is incredibly beautiful, with minimal hassle and a much lower cost than fully renovating your kitchen. Check out our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for more info and images!
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