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Radio 4 Interview

Here at Naked Doors, we are always trying to find new ways to let people know about the quality and level of expertise that goes into our products. As a company, we've only ever used the highest quality timber, and we fully understand how to get the best out of this material, meaning the products we manufacture are of incredible quality. We produce beautiful replacement doors and drawer fronts for any kitchen, finished in any style, and in any size you want. Design- Nimtim Architecture, Photography- Megan Taylor Since we began producing bespoke doors and drawers for our customers to install on their kitchen cabinet carcasses, unsurprisingly, one of the carcass brands that we see time and time again is IKEA. IKEA is the largest furniture retailer in the world, they are an obvious choice for a large majority of the market, so it only seemed right for us to create a range for the IKEA customer that wants something more but doesn't have the budget for a new bespoke kitchen. Over time we had so many requests to create door fronts to fit IKEA carcasses, as customers just wanted to update their existing IKEA kitchen, and didn't want to go through the hassle of completely renovating their kitchen. Whilst slightly reluctant at first, we realised there was actually a large market for this range. From this, we created our range of doors and drawer fronts that specifically fit IKEA Metod carcasses, with certain designs that are specific to this range only. Disclaimer: our doors are in no way affiliated with IKEA, we have just created them to fit the Metod range perfectly. Design- 2LG, Photography- Megan Taylor And this is something that is being noticed by a lot of people- including Radio 4! Very recently we were contacted by the radio station to give a short interview about our range of doors and drawer fronts for IKEA cabinets, and the story behind the range; as part of an episode about IKEA 'hacking'. IKEA 'hacking' is something that is growing in popularity very quickly, as people are able to get the best of both worlds, by getting a mass market, lower budget furniture item, and then improve it with designer, bespoke touches such as new cabinet doors or sofa legs. This often hides the fact that the item is originally from IKEA, and leaves the owner with a custom piece that is like no other. The contact from the radio station was completely organic, and we were incredibly happy and immensely proud that we were able to get our story out to such a wide audience, and hopefully enable more people to join in the phenomenon that is IKEA hacking, or just to see what we do here! Check out the episode here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b098bsrc Check out our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more information and photos!  
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