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Tips and Tricks To Upgrade Your Kitchen

Our sister company Naked Kitchens creates the most beautiful, bespoke kitchens that are of the highest quality and are a true luxurious addition to any home. And whilst we only use transparent pricing, meaning our customers don't pay more than is necessary for the quality of the kitchens, this option can still sometimes be out of peoples budgets. And so we decided to create an option for people that still wanted the look of a Naked Kitchen, but without a large majority of the cost. Naked Doors offers you a designer kitchen look, where you supply the carcasses- either existing or new, and we will produce the doors to fit them perfectly. However, there are certain tips and tricks that you can do to upgrade your kitchen for less to make it look more and more like a designer kitchen without spending a lot of money or time. Painting Walls and Cabinets  A fresh new colour in the kitchen is one of the easiest ways to instantly transform a room. By painting your walls it creates a whole new colour palette for the room, and gives you a whole realm of possibilities for accessorising. Another option is to paint your cabinets, to create an eye-catching feature for the room. Choosing to paint your walls is possibly the safer option as it is less of a statement and is easier to correct if you decide you do not like the colour. However, if you really do want to make a statement in this room, painting your cabinets and your walls the same colour will do this. It can be a risky move to make, as the wrong colour can make it far too over-powering, but if done in a beautiful rich colour and combined with other materials or colours it can work wonderfully. Colours that we are particularly loving at the moment are all from the earthy colour palette, including rich greens, oranges and reds. They add a luxurious warmth to the kitchen that is so incredibly comfortable and inviting in a room that you want to be the hub of the family life in your home. Switching Up Your Accessories If you don't want to undertake a large amount of renovation in your kitchen, a brilliant way to make it seem as if you have completely changed the room is to change your accessories. As many people have a neutral kitchen with coloured accessories, changing the accessories will instantly make the room look different. No permanent changes have to be made to the room, meaning you can easily make changes whenever you feel like it, with little hassle and generally minimal cost. Adding new accessories is also likely to make you want to use the room a lot more again, as it will feel more like a new kitchen again. Whether you just update your cooking utensils that are on show, or the small appliances in the kitchen, even just a small change is likely to make a big impact. New Cabinet Handles Don't want to paint your kitchen or still feel like you need to do more to transform it into the space you're craving? Changing the handles on your cabinets is a really quick way to do this. By choosing something unique such as the leather handles on the Brixton kitchen is a brilliant way to completely change the look of the room. The addition of classic metal handles can change the vibe of your kitchen and will add a beautiful sophistication. Just changing the handles is a very budget friendly option for upgrading your kitchen, and whilst it will improve the visual appeal of the room, it is key to remember that this won't be a long-lasting solution. Changing Your Kitchen Worktops Another element that you can upgrade that will instantly transform your room is the worktop. Often the last thing that people buy when purchasing a new kitchen, as it really finishes off a room. By changing your worktop you can make it seem like you have renovated your whole kitchen. Our parent company, Norfolk Oak, manufactures beautiful bespoke solid timber worktops and by adding one of these to your kitchen it will add an incredible element of luxury to the room. With a choice of many different timbers, you can completely change the feel of your kitchen and therefore upgrade your kitchen without even removing one cabinet. Doors And Drawer Fronts By installing Naked Doors in your kitchen, you will not only instantly improve the look, but also the quality of the room. Naked Doors manufacture bespoke solid hardwood doors and drawers, so by adding these to your kitchen, you will get the look of a designer kitchen. Manufactured to your measurements, and available in any size, finish and custom colour of your choice, these doors and drawers will instantly provide you with the room you've always dreamed of having. There is little amount of hassle with this option, as existing cabinet carcasses will remain, meaning mess, time and cost is kept at a minimum! Check out our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages for more info and pictures!
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